Nighty Night.  Getting a better nights’ sleep is something a lot of us dream about.  One in three of us are suffering from bad sleep or insomnia, badly, many more with mild and moderate sleeplessness.  Try Kirkland Sleep Aid. Drift off quickly and stay asleep all night!

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Nighty Night

According to the Daily Mirror, “Nearly a third of the population are suffering from insomnia which is affecting their health”.  This NHS page continues to describe a survey of the nation’s sleep habits which found that 30% are severely sleep deprived, putting them more at risk of mental health and relationship issues.

Always a Great Night’s Sleep with Kirkland Sleep Aid


Insomnia, the Silent Killer

Insomnia can just just horrible.  We spend all night, tossing and turning, and if we sleep at all, we wake up sluggish, dull-headed and, frankly, not a lot of use.

Every hour you spend asleep is one hour of your body resting and healing itself.  Every hour of sleep is precious.  If you can’t sleep – for whatever reason (we’ll come to that) – it might be the time to do something about it!  Kirkland Sleep Aid is generally considered to be the best, OTC (over the counter, no prescription) sleeping pill available.

Now, it’s available in the UK, with FREE shipping!

Your insomnia could have been caused by a number of things but, assuming it’s not a bona fide medical condition, most likely it’s related some kind of stress.  Stress and worry about every-day things can often lead to sleepless nights, with all the thoughts of the day rattling around in your head.  When you sleep, your brain handles all these worries and puts them in place.  Without sleep, they keep rattling around, keeping you worried and stressed.

Sleep Well with Kirkland Sleep Aid

Just one sleep Aid, 30 minutes before you go to bed, is more than enough to safely and soundly send you to sleep – and make sure you stay asleep all night!  It is non habit forming and safe.

Order before 12 noon and we’ll ship your Sleep Aid the same day!

Nighty night.

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