Kirkland Sleep Aid is the most potent, non-prescription, sleep medication available!  Approved by the FDA as non-habit forming and safe – even for the pregnant and elderly – Kirkland Sleep Aid will guarantee you a sound night’s sleep!  FREE & FAST UK Delivery!!

Kirkland Sleep Aid

Sleeping Tablets – Kirkland Sleep Aid

Kirkland Sleep Aid

“The most powerful over-the-counter sleeping tablet”.  Kirkland Sleep Aid is one of a number of OTC (‘over the counter’) sleep medications, available without prescription.  The active ingredient in Kirkland Sleep Aid is a compound called ‘doxylamine succinate, an antihistamine which causes drowsiness, helping you drift off to sleep quickly.

What is Sleep Aid and Is It Safe?

Absolutely.  If it weren’t, we would be allowed to sell it!  Kirkland Sleep Aid is an absolutely safe antihistamine which can be used daily, however, if your insomnia persists for more than 2 weeks, it may be a sign that something else is wrong, so we would always recommend you see your doctor.

Originally an antihistamine, for treating colds and allergies, Sleep Aid has a powerful sedative effect, so is sold more now as a sleep aid, rather than an allergy cure.  The active ingredient in Kirkland Sleep Aid is ‘doxylamine succinate, known for its potent relaxing effects.  The product does contain other compounds, you can see them here.

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Kirkland Sleep Aid is the Most Effective OTC Sleeping Pill

Kirkland Sleep Aid is generally considered to be the strongest, over the counter sleeping pill.  There are others, naturally, but the active ingredient in Sleep Aid appears to have the best effect on the greatest number of people.

The strongest, most potent sleeping tablet in the antihistamine class of sleeping pills, Sleep Aid, according to Ethan Green, over at“In the anti-histamine category, Kirkland Signature is one of the most powerful and effective sleep aids you’ll find. And for me, it was the strongest overall of all the sleep aids I’ve tried.  The active ingredient is Doxylamine Succinate, which has a particularly strong sedative effect.”

And for those with concerns, “In terms of safety, Doxylamine doesn’t cause problems with addiction like many prescription sleeping pills do. And you won’t find you need to increase the dosage night after night.”

Great news all round!!  Sleep Aid has the power to put you to sleep, without any habit-forming problems!  Kirkland Sleeping Pills will make you sleep!

What to Expect from Kirkland Sleeping Pills

Take just one pill – no more – and within 30 minutes, you should begin to feel drowsy, heavy eye lids, ready for bed.


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