Insomnia.  If you have difficulty falling asleep at night or staying asleep, then you most likely suffer from a form of sleeplessness or insomnia. Many factors can prevent someone from getting a good night’s rest. While some sleep disorders are more serious and should be treated by a doctor, others can be corrected quite easily.

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What Causes Insomnia, or Sleeplessness?

If you are having trouble falling asleep at night or having trouble staying asleep, it may help to learn what could be causing the problem.


Almost a third of us suffer from sleep disorders, so you are not alone. One of the leading causes of sleepless nights is emotional turmoil like stress, interviews, financal worries, house moves or relationship issues to name just a few of the things that can cause us to make our minds keep churning away when we should be fast asleep, after all just because we are physically tired does not automatically mean our brains have slowed down as well.

However if we don’t get our necessary amount of sleep it tends to make the stress factors in our lives more difficult to deal with, making them seem much worse and in turn causing even more stress. That’s why during these type of experiences sleep is very much more important than ever.



Disruption of Circadian Rhythm

All living creatures live by a circadian rhythm, which is much like an internal clock. When this rhythm is interrupted, it confuses our mind and body resulting in a disruption of our sleeping patterns. Working long night hours, pregnancy and traveling long distances and across time zones (jet lag) are common events that may throw off our circadian rhythm.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea (sometimes spelled “sleep apnoea”) is considered a more serious contributor to sleeplessness and if gone untreated long enough, can be fatal. New Latin apnoea, from Greek apnoia for “without breathing” is actually a breathing condition that leads to sleeplessness. Millions of people suffer from this condition caused by the obstruction of the air passage in the back of the throat due to soft tissue, which becomes relaxed. This causes the sufferer to stop breathing momentarily. It’s common for this instance to occur hundreds of times in a given night.

Poor Sleep Hygiene

It goes without saying that many restless nights are caused from just being careless. Drinking caffeinated beverages or eating a large meal before bedtime can often lead to a night of tossing and turning. Being mindful to reserve a couple of hours before bedtime to simply wind down can usually help you fall asleep and, most importantly sleep soundly throughout the night.

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Sleep Well with Sleep Aid

Kirkland Sleep Aid is a sleeping tablet that is sold over-the-counter and can help the user fall asleep fast and safely. The product is an antihistamine which means it can cause drowsiness within the user and allow them to sleep throughout the night.



The manufacturer of the product states that the product can be used regularly or just when needed and is not addictive.

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Kirkland Sleep Aid is an over-the-counter sleeping aid from the American wholesale company Costco.  Doxylamine, the main and active ingredient, is an antihistamine, but can be used as a sedative – and in combination with other drugs it can offer night-time allergy and cold relief.  Doxylamine can also be used with other analgesics like paracetamol.  The product is safe, and widely used.

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