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Sleeping Tablets. Things you Should Know.

Sleeping tablets may help in times of increased stress, long travel or other disruptions keep your mind racing, keeping you awake.  Kirkland Sleep Aid is a proven formula for getting you to sleep and making sure you stay asleep!  Sleep Aid sleeping tablets really work!

Sleeping Tablets. Things you Should Know.

Sleeping Tablets – Kirkland Sleep Aid

Sleeping Tablets and How to Use Them

The first and most important message here is… follow the instructions.  Sleep Aid from Kirkland is a very effective somnifacient (a substance which induces sleep), although was originally design as an antihistamine, to treat allergies and colds, etc., but has a greater effect as a sleeping tablet.

Take just one Sleep Aid sleeping tablet, roughly 30 minutes before you go to bed.  Do not take more than one tablet.  Once you have taken one tablet, do not drive, or do anything that might be dangerous with s sleepy head.

If you are currently taking any other medication, make sure you speak with your doctor before taking sleeping tablets – Sleep Aid, or any others.



Sleep Tablets and Possible Side Effects

Almost all drugs have some kind of side effect and sleeping tablets are no exception.  The noted side effects of Kirkland Sleep Aid are, we’re happy to say – mild and rare.  One or two customers have mentioned experiencing a dry mouth, some mild stomach upsets and, in very rare cases, some slight blurring of vision.  These side effects tend to be temporary, lasting a day or two, but if you experience any of these symptoms for any extended period, consult your doctor.


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