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OTC Sleep Aids

OTC sleep aids, do they really work?  OTC (‘over the counter’) sleep aids are those sold without prescription, in pharmacies and online.  Kirkland Sleep Aid is the best and most effective of these OTC sleep aids.  Inexpensive and reliable, Kirkland Sleep Aid is the perfect answer to short term insomnia!

OTC Sleep Aids

OTC Sleep Aids – Kirkland Sleep Aid

If you’ve been suffering from a lack of sleep, you may be considering over the counter (OTC) sleeping tablets.  We understand.  They’re easier to find, carry a lot less risk of overdose and can be quiet inexpensive!  Kirkland Sleep Aid is generally considered to be the best (ie. most effective) OTC sleeping aid.

Originally developed as an antihistamine, Kirkland Sleep Aid’s ‘side effect’ of causing drowsiness has been its success!  The effectiveness of Sleep Aid as a sleeping pill is in no doubt, as many millions of people have turned to this OTC sleep aid in times of insomnia.  The active ingredient, Doxylamine succinate, is safe and non habit forming, making it the perfect sleeping tablet.


The Best OTC Sleep Aid

A powerful treatment, Sleep Aid will send you gently to sleep within 30 minutes of taking just one tablet.  There are a number of similar products available, Unisom and ZzzQuil, to name a couple, but generally (Google it, you’ll see!), Kirkland Sleep Aid with 25mg of Doxylamine is considered the most powerful and most effective.

Before you take any sleeping pills, make sure you know what you’re taking.  As with any medication, it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor first, and follow these simple instructions…

  • Don’t exceed the recommended dosage
  • Don’t take with alcohol or recreational drugs
  • Give yourself at least eight hours before driving or operating machinery

Kirkland Sleep Aid works!!  Shop now and sleep well!

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