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Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid

Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid is generally considered to be the strongest, most potent sleeping pill in the antihistamine class.  Just one 25mg tablet will make sure you are asleep within 30 minutes, or so!  Not just that… it will make sure you stay asleep all night too!

Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid

Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid

Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid

If our happy customers are anything to go by, the popularity of Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid is growing each and every day!  We know the product works – and works well! – but have been overwhelmed by such positive comments about the effectiveness of Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid and just how well it sends our customers to sleep!

If you’re having problems getting to sleep, you are not alone!  It is estimated that a third of people in the USA and the UK (probably most similar countries) will suffer from a bout of insomnia at some point in their lives.  For many, this may be short-lived, but for others, the weariness and fatigue brought on by prolonged sleeplessness can be draining, exhausting and damaging.

Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid

As we mentioned, Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid contains just one active ingredient, ‘doxylamine succinate, an antihistamine, originally developed to help those suffering from allergies and hay fever.  It was, however, fairly quickly spotted that, while still a very good antihistamine, doxylamine succinate is a particularly good sleeping aid.

With Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid, all you need is one tablet – containing 25mg of doxylamine succinate – roughly 30 minutes before you go to bed.  You will feel significant drowsiness within twenty minutes and, if like our many happy customers, be in ‘the land of nod’ withing half an hour!

Sleep Well with Sleep Aid

“Best sleep aid ever!  I’ve tried melatonin, zopiclone, and every med going to cure my insomnia, and nothings worked. But this stuff really really works, its not addictive and for the first time in years I get regular sleep, I’ve been buying these for a year now and even my GP said they wont harm you so I keep taking them. Try half first and see how you go.”, said Michael, earlier this year.

Manufactured by a trustworthy company, Costco, Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid is becoming more and more popular  – and with good reason… it works!

Almost instant, long-lasting sleep, no grogginess or hang-over the next morning, and no dependency!  Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid really does work!!

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