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I Can’t Sleep at Night!

I Can’t Sleep at Night!  You and about the third of the population!  Daily worries and stresses can be the cause of a sleepless night, but there are things you can do!  Slight changes in your daily routine, plus a short-term course of Kirkland Sleep Aid will get you back on track!

I Can’t Sleep at Night!

At some point in our lives, one third of us are likely to suffer from some kind of mild-to-moderate sleeplessness, or insomnia.  A small number of these unlucky folk will be cursed with severe insomnia, lasting months or more, but the majority of cases are, thankfully, short-term and can be tackled with little effort.

Today’s busy lives are packed with worries, stresses and concerns.  These things easily build up and rattle around in our heads, making it impossible to fall asleep.  There are plenty of things to try.  Personally, putting some soothing audio books work well, but this isn’t for everyone (Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot is great!).


When you just can’t sleep at night, try Kirkland Sleep Aid

Routine Changes for Better Sleep

Some of these should be fairly obvious, but take a look.

  • Cut out caffeine from midday onwards.
    We all know caffeine is a stimulant, so don’t drink it before bed time!  Just use it in the morning to wake up.
  • Don’t get drunk.
    Drinking might seem like it sends you to sleep, but it really isn’t sleep, it’s more ‘unconscious’.  It isn’t helpful.
  • Try to create a routine.
    If you can, create a routine of around 30 minutes before bedtime, where you switch off the TV, relax, maybe read a magazine or book, whatever it is, make it a little boring.  Being excited just before bedtime isn’t going to help.  Wind down for half an hour, it can help!
  • Put your phone away.  Phones, iPads, laptops, whatever… put them away!  We’re becoming more and more reliant on these devices, which really isn’t a good thing.  Remember, they’re just toys and you can play with them in the morning.
  • Breath.  Surprisingly more difficult that you might imagine, but try deep breathing exercises.  Lay on your back in bed and put one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest.  Breath deeply in through your nose, so that only your stomach hand raises up.  Keep you chest hand still.  Hold you breath for a few seconds and breather out slowly.  Try to do it twenty times.  If you can manage it, it helps.


  • Try a Mild Sleeping Tablet.  If you still can’t sleep, Kirkland Sleep Aid will make absolutely sure that you’re asleep within half an hour.


Kirkland Sleep Aid

An effective and proven formula, Kirkland Sleep Aid is available to buy online in the UK with free, next day shipping!  If you haven’t tried Sleep Aid yet, give it try, we think you’ll be impressed!  Just one tablet, half an hour before you go to bed and you’ll fall sound asleep and stay asleep all night!


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