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Our sleep Blog is designed to bring the latest news about insomnia and sleeplessness, plus some great offers on Kirkland Sleep Aid!

Lack of Sleep – Just How Bad Can it Be?

Lack of Sleep – Just How Bad Can it Be?  The short answer… bad.  We all have a bad night’s sleep now and again and, although we might feel foggy and grumpy the following morning, it does little harm.  Long term lack of sleep is different.  Quite different.

Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid

Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid is generally considered to be the strongest, most potent sleeping pill in the antihistamine class.  Just one 25mg tablet will make sure you are asleep within 30 minutes, or so!  Not just that… it will make sure you stay asleep all night too!

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders come in all shapes and sizes, affecting a huge percentage of the UK population.  In some cases, disorders can be agonising and terrifying, but most are thankfully mild and easily treatable.  Kirkland Sleep Aid sleeping pills will help with mild to moderate insomnia and sleeping disorders.

Discount Sleeping Pills

Discount Sleeping Pills.  If you buy larger quantities of Kirkland Sleep Aid, we’ll give you some fantastic discounts!  One bottle costs £9.95, two bottles cost £14.95, three cost £19.95 and four bottles cost just £24.45!  That’s works out at just £6.11 per bottle!!  If that isn’t a great discount, we don’t know what is!!

I Can’t Sleep at Night!

I Can’t Sleep at Night!  You and about the third of the population!  Daily worries and stresses can be the cause of a sleepless night, but there are things you can do!  Slight changes in your daily routine, plus a short-term course of Kirkland Sleep Aid will get you back on track!

OTC Sleep Aids

OTC sleep aids, do they really work?  OTC (‘over the counter’) sleep aids are those sold without prescription, in pharmacies and online.  Kirkland Sleep Aid is the best and most effective of these OTC sleep aids.  Inexpensive and reliable, Kirkland Sleep Aid is the perfect answer to short term insomnia!

Best Over the Counter Sleeping Pills

Best Over the Counter Sleeping Pills.  We’ve taken the top selling three over-the-counter sleeping pills and put them to the test! Kirkland Sleep Aid vs Unisom Sleep Gels vs Natrol Melatonin.

Get some Sleep! Kirkland Sleep Aid Really Helps!

Get some Sleep! Kirkland Sleep Aid Really Helps!  Insomnia, or a lack of sleep, feels just dreadful.  A night of sleeplessness causes us to feel sluggish and drained the following day.  We’re far from productive, focused and concentrating.  Do something about your sleeplessness today!

Sleeping Tablets. Things you Should Know.

Sleeping tablets may help in times of increased stress, long travel or other disruptions keep your mind racing, keeping you awake.  Kirkland Sleep Aid is a proven formula for getting you to sleep and making sure you stay asleep!  Sleep Aid sleeping tablets really work! Sleeping Tablets. Things you Should Know. Sleeping Tablets and How to Use ...


Sleeplessness and what you can do about!  An inability to fall asleep can affect you in so many ways, a lack of concentration and focus, alertness, reasoning, and problem solving. This makes it more difficult to learn efficiently.  It’s also a huge cause of accidents.