About Kirkland Sleep.  We distribute Kirkland Sleep Aid to the UK, via our website.  We delivery free to all mainland locations in the UK, via Second Class Royal Mail Parcel Service.  Read more about delivery of your Kirkland Sleeping Tablets here.

About Kirkland Sleep – Buy Kirland Sleep Aid online and Sleep Well!

About Kirkland Sleep

Kirkland Sleep Aid is a sleeping tablet that is sold over-the-counter and can help the user fall asleep fast and safely.   The product is an antihistamine which means it can cause drowsiness within the user and allow them to sleep throughout the night.  The manufacturer of the product states that the product can be used regularly or just when needed and is not addictive.

We supply the one product, with great discounts on two, three and four bottles!

Kirkland Sleeping Pills, Kirkland Sleep Aid.  Fall asleep fast and stay asleep!  Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid sleeping pills will give you the best night’s sleep!  Just one tablet, 30 mins before bedtime and you’ll drift off, naturally and quickly, waking the following morning, fresh and positive! Fall asleep fast with just one pill! A Safe, Proven & Effective Sleep Aid. FREE & FAST UK DELIVERY – Receive your Sleep Aid within days!



Always a Great Night’s Sleep with ‘Sleep Aid’!

Take just one tablet, half an hour before you go to bed, and you’ll drift away to sleep gently and quickly, staying asleep all night!  Sleep Aid is Kirkland’s best selling sleeping pill and is incredibly popular in the USA and UK!

Only take Kirkland Sleep Aid when you are going to bed.  They will make you drowsy, so no driving, no operating machinery, heavy or otherwise.  Take just one tablet 30 minutes before bed tme, and at no other time.

Never exceed the stated dose.  One tablet, 30 minutes before you go to bed, is quite enough to help you gently drift off to sleep.

If you suffer from any other medical conditions, or are already taking any medications, always consult your doctor before taking Kirkland Sleep Aid, or any other ‘over-the-counter’ drugs.

Specifically, if you suffer from breathing problems, such as asthma, emphysema or chronic bronchitis, speak to your doctor before taking Sleep Aid.